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"New world order” in this recording is not referencing World Economic Forum’s use of that term, which I did not know about at the time. I meant "the new world we are co-creating”.

Our world is in chaos.

It is time to remember who we really are.

Imagine a world without war, competition, judgement, lack and greed, conquering and dividing, subservience and domination. These illusions of separation, which we have all perpetuated, have been fabricated within the Patriarchal paradigm of "Confused Masculine”. We have collectively contributed (consciously or unconsciously) to an unsustainable way of living. Now the old paradigm is dissolving, everything is changing rapidly, and people are waking up. In time of great change lies great opportunity.

True power is not ownership, fame, money. Using these false standards of power, we created systems that are unsustainable and do not benefit evolution, either personally or for the collective. Our old way of thinking and being has been destroying Earth herself. Now these systems are quickly falling apart. As the old paradigm dissolves, a unique opportunity to create an entirely new paradigm for humanity has arrived. Now, as we experience “The Shift”, we have the opportunity to envision and embody a New World Paradigm of Unconditional Love.

THINK DIFFERENT (to borrow from Apple).


Honoring Divine Feminine is the key.

Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine is the wide-open energy that gives birth to life, nurtures life, reveres life unconditionally, and holds the deep mystery of life in her womb. Divine Feminine energy is so powerful that (in the old paradigm) it was feared. That fear caused the authentic, powerful essence of Divine Feminine to be dismissed, ignored, repressed, abused, vilified, shamed, forgotten. Earth herself is the living, loving, breathing embodiment of the energy of Divine Feminine. She is calling us (her children) to wake up and remember our true nature (Unconditional Love), so that we can return to living in harmony with nature, with ourselves and with each other. Mother Earth is Divine Feminine on constant display. We are her. Nature (our nature) is not solid and fixed; it is ever-changing, ephemeral, giving, nurturing, sustaining, merging, flowing, shifting and evolving in the dance of life itself.

 When Divine Feminine was dismissed and forgotten, we gave rise to the “war of the sexes” (the primary lie that has seeded all global problems). By unifying authentic Masculine/Feminine energies, we can re-discover our innate wholeness. Personal understanding and balance of these energies is the first step in creating a New World Paradigm.

In remembering and honoring Divine Feminine energy (the formidable power of the wide-open heart), we remember Unconditional Love, our natural state. Remembrance of who we really are is the starting place.

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