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The Shift

Editors Note (from Anne): All content on this page was “downloaded”. (A download is information existing the Quantum Field, received when the recipient and the message vibrate at the same frequency. The message can then enter the consciousness of the person.) I am given to understand that the content on this page must be offered exactly as it is written here. The content here may be a stretch to understand. I recommend reading it slowly, as the content is deep and the writing is not linear. (It’s not an essay with a beginning, middle, end.)


Here is a recent message I received regarding the “The Shift”.


"Everything is always perfect. ALL you need to do is ask, receive and listen. ALL pain and suffering is caused by your misunderstanding of what is occurring. ALL events happen to show you (and teach you) how to evolve. Nothing is random in the perfect order of All That Is. You are Love Itself in manifestation. Open, relax, and trust the process of Life. Sometimes you have to experience pain to bring your attention to whatever needs your attention, so you can understand, alter, change and correct it for your own benefit. ALL experience is a gift for you to open, consider, understand."


The Potential of Great Disruption

An individual, when faced with a personal crisis (such as a serious disease), either reacts with fear and goes in to fight-or-flight (shrinking their energy), or raises their consciousness to a higher vibration to create the mindset that may help to overcome the disease. For example, many people who have recovered from cancer say that it was the biggest blessing in their lives, as the challenge forced them to change their previous way of thinking and being dramatically.

Such is the challenge we now face as a collective.

Few people change unless they are forced to change. Despite making us uncomfortable, change actually offers us an opportunity to grow and evolve. The collective is currently experiencing massive change as we navigate “The Shift” from the “fight-or-flight” paradigm of “Confused Masculine” energy to the emergence of the new “Divine Feminine” paradigm, which carries its inherent energy of complete acceptance and love.

As the systems of the old paradigm break apart and fall away, the resulting disruption is chaos. How we think and act in this time of chaos is of the utmost importance. If we resort to our familiar knee-jerk reaction of fear, we are resisting the potential to create a new paradigm for the collective (everyone, everywhere), as an evolution into a greater way of thinking, acting and feeling. At this point of change, we could resort to the same way of thinking that created all of our global problems in the first place, or we could embrace ”The Shift” as an unprecedented opportunity for transformation.


“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” -Albert Einstein

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Buckminster Fuller

The Renaissance came about because the Bubonic Plague was indiscriminate in taking out nobility and serf alike, killing half the population in parts of Europe and Asia. Until this crisis, personal expression was repressed by the nobility and was reserved exclusively for the elite.

The Bubonic Plague or “Black Death” (1347-1350) was an unprecedented human tragedy that not only shook humanity but transformed it. The Black Death marked the end of an era; its impact was profound and it resulted in wide-ranging social, economic, cultural and religious changes. These changes, directly and indirectly, led to the emergence of the Renaissance, one of the greatest epochs for art, architecture, and literature in human history and led to great socio-economic, cultural and religious changes.

We face this level of crisis now… on a global scale. As we are forced into tremendous upheaval and chaos, the dysfunctional ways of thinking and being can dissolve, and we can become aware that there is potential for us here as well. We can choose to use this time of chaos as an opportunity to envision something entirely new for ourselves…something better. We are at the choice-point. We can try to hang on to the familiar paradigm (as it shatters before our eyes), or we can choose to raise our consciousness to a new way of thinking that carries a higher vibration, (for every thought vibrates at its own unique frequency).

If we choose to embrace the opportunity that disruption offers, we can begin to create something entirely new…something much better…something unprecedented. However, to create something new, we have to think in a new way. Reacting to great disruption with fear would perpetuate our old way of thinking and being, thus recreating the fear-based, dysfunctional paradigm. Would we want to recreate the past when we have a unique opportunity to create a New World Paradigm? We could choose instead to focus on imagining and creating a New World Paradigm of connection and unity: Unconditional Love. What if the chaos is clearing the ground for us to transform and upgrade all of our social systems…and ourselves?


The larger the disruption, the larger the potential for transformation. Think of the caterpillar/chrysalis/butterfly analogy: the little caterpillar must dissolve completely inside its cocoon before it re-emerges as a butterfly. In the chrysalis stage, it disappears into a soupy mush, no longer a caterpillar but not yet a butterfly. All changes come with the same type of reorganization of (so-called) reality.

Currently, as we experience a similar disruption, we can consciously choose to open our imagination to all of the innovative possibilities that we can possibly envision. We could embrace the chaos as a precious opportunity for transformation.

Chaos is change. Change provides opportunity for transformation. True transformation begins with oneself.

Connecting with Divine Feminine energy, (the fiercely-loving power of the heart), is the starting place for summoning (and embodying) the tremendous courage needed to initiate the formation of a New World Paradigm, which could have the potential for ascension of the collective consciousness,

Exploration of the Dawn of the Era of Divine Feminine.

A fellow student of Dr.Joe Dispenza graciously shared an outline of her notes from his recent seminar in Spain, and I noticed that he touched on the topic of women taking the responsibility of being leaders in this current age. I look forward to hearing more from him on this topic.

Here is my own understanding of “women taking the lead at this time”.

As a collective, we are currently leaving the dysfunctional paradigm of Patriarchy, “Confused Masculine”, which has carried an energy of the fear-based “fight-or-flight” mentality of separation that seeks to conquer, dominate, divide, use, and own.

The emerging era of Matriarchy, “Divine Feminine”, is one of heart coherence, connection, and love. There is now an invitation for us to understand how to lay the ground for this new paradigm. Since “The Shift” is upon us, I think it’s important to explore how we can think in a different way in order to envision a very different future.

Simply put: The fate of our future demands that we change our way of thinking so that we can change our way of living.

Women will lead the way for the collective, but not in the way we have previously thought  of “leadership”. We have to re-define “leadership” in the same way that we will have to re-define everything in our new paradigm. If we resort to our previous way of thinking and being, we will produce the same results. Until now, the collective modus operandi of control and manipulation (in which we have all participated, consciously or unconsciously) has been concerned with “getting what we want” and “seeking to satisfy ourselves with something outside of ourselves”.

The energy behind the modus operandi of the Confused Masculine paradigm played out globally in wars, political power-plays, corrupt governments, dishonest business dealings, lack of essential food and water for many populations, sexual abuse, environmental corruption, etc. Essentially every problem now facing the collective can be traced back to the imbalanced, dysfunctional way that we have been relating to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet herself.


In the confused paradigm, Confused Masculine energy played out as a need to dominate and control genuine feminine energy, primarily because few people remembered what genuine feminine energy actually embodies. The misunderstanding of feminine energy resulted in fear. There’s no blame here; we all participated in perpetuating the old paradigm.

Currently, there aren’t many manifestations of “Divine Masculine” (men who have understood and embraced their own Divine Feminine energy). I think Dr. Joe Dispenza may be an example of someone who has balanced these energies personally (which may be contributing to his popularity). Also, as of yet, there are but few examples of women who have fully manifested authentic Divine Feminine energy either.

We have forgotten the essence of Divine Feminine energy: Unconditional Love.

Now everything is shifting. It had to shift, otherwise we would have created our own demise.

The most obvious way to recognize the confusion of the previous paradigm is to consider how we have been treating our own mother, our Earth. She is Divine Feminine, manifested in full display. How have we been treating our Mother? How have we been relating with our Earth? Do we consider her well-being? How have we been living with her? How have we been listening to her? How have we been honoring her?

Consider the way we tend to relate to each other in an intimate relationship: manipulating or dominating our partner, suppressing our own energy…using ploys to try to "get what we want”…when actually, what everyone wants (and what we’ve all been searching for) is CONNECTION with our partner. We are yearning for Unconditional Love. Yet if both sexes are disassociated from their own true essence of Divine Feminine, the connection of energies (Unconditional Love) can’t be experienced.

No wonder we can’t harmonize with each other. If there’s a lack of genuine connection and harmony between the sexes, it’s because the power of genuine feminine energy has not been recognized and honored. Authentic feminine energy is not being honored because it has been misunderstood, and thus feared, ignored and forgotten.

If Divine Feminine energy has been forgotten, then of course it cant be balanced with masculine energy. The imbalance of masculine/feminine energies creates all kinds of power plays because the fundamental ground of intimacy is missing a key ingredient: authentic Divine Feminine energy.

Men have a sense of women’s innate power, but they tend to be afraid of it because they don’t really understand it. Men don’t know what true feminine power is because they aren’t experiencing the authentic power of Divine Feminine energy being fully manifested in their female counterparts. So men are reacting to what they “imagine it to be”.

The unknown is usually feared. “I don’t know what it is, so I’m afraid of it.”

Women haven’t remembered either. They can’t manifest their own genuine Divine Feminine power because the wisdom of how to access this power was forgotten (in the old paradigm). Uncertainty about their own Divine Feminine essence has weakened women’s authentic manifestation.

Despite this conundrum, masculine and feminine energies still hunger to connect with each other. So we strategize and manipulate, we play games of all kinds. We negotiate, control, bargain, cajole, beg, seduce, dominate, hope, plead, grab, take. Everyone senses that something is off, but it’s hard to name the problem because the confusion of the old paradigm has been so prevalent that it has been promoted in all aspects of society… it’s everywhere! And we’ve bought into it. We’ve brainwashed ourselves into buying the “war of the sexes”, which is a lie. We’ve re-created this lie with our dominating/repressing behavior, perpetuating more of the same. Cultural ignorance around this is so prevalent, we may not have even stopped to consider what the primary problem might be.

We have forgotten the power of Unconditional Love that lives within everyone as Divine Feminine energy. This energy of Unconditional Love resides in our hearts. It is our essence and our birthright. When we touch it, when we connect with it, we remember who we really are.

All we need to do is think outside of the box. However the instructions on how to do this are on the outside of the box.


Connecting with our heart, we are connecting with the energy of Divine Feminine. We can begin to relax with ourselves. We can start to acknowledge and appreciate the authentic masculine and authentic feminine energies residing within us.

Then it starts to get exciting! When we recognize our innate masculine/feminine energies, we naturally start to balance those energies, (neither over-amplifying or repressing any aspects of those energies). Then we can begin to balance masculine/feminine energies within our relationship with our partner. The practice of conscious sex (Tantra) provides a way to develop awareness of the union of those energies, along with a way to remember and re-connect with our inherent state of well-being, presence, relaxation, wholeness…the experience of Unconditional Love that we have been yearning for.

Unconditional Love is the powerful, transformative energy of Divine Feminine that holds space for Other (what is ) and loves it unconditionally, like a mother loves her own child, with a completely open heart.. Unconditional Love is contagious; it spreads. It naturally ripples out to our families. It ripples out into our communities, into our systems and our businesses, into our cultures and our societies. It ripples out to the entire world.

Until now, vulnerability has been regarded as a weakness, thus vulnerability has been avoided and perhaps even feared. If we “love too much” or “love too freely”, we may lose ourselves. We may lose our ground; we may “give ourselves away” or be taken advantage of. We may suffer heartbreak, loss, rejection, embarrassment, disappointment or pain. We are afraid of the wounds that may be produced if we become truly vulnerable and hold a heart of Unconditional Love that demands nothing in return. It might leave us in No-man’s land!

However, the vulnerable and willing heart is the heart of the true Peaceful Warrior.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek”- Joseph Campbell

The open, vulnerable heart loves unconditionally without any bias or expectation. It loves simply and freely because it loves loving. It is fully complete within itself, therefore it lacks nothing. It is confident, so it seeks no external confirmation. The open and vulnerable heart alchemizes negativity because it perceives all external experiences as its own self, inseparable from self-love. This is the true energy of Divine Feminine. The heart of Divine Feminine loves shape-shifting and impermanence; it loves the transient nature of all things. This type of love always engages fully in the dance of life in the ephemeral present moment.

The open heart is a supreme alchemist. When the heart is in coherence with the brain, it transforms confusion into wisdom, allowing suffering and struggle to cease. A connection to a greater consciousness is created in the union of heart and mind, and  likewise in the union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

Divine Feminine experiences the transient nature of all of existence, completely and fully, as she merges with the experience of NOW.  She opens to all experience without bias or hesitation, just Unconditional Love. And this Unconditional Love provides the container for the Divine Masculine energy of Conscious Action to experience itself also.

All of us were born from Divine Feminine’s womb space of Unconditional Love. Divine Feminine is the Queen of Space who invites the cosmic dance to be experienced within her and all around her.

Divine Feminine’s powerful essence is apparent in Nature. When we connect with Nature, we connect and honor our own nature, our own essence. Nature is the mystery of life on constant display, talking to us, teaching us. She shows us how everything is interconnected. She shows us how life is the constant process of exchange, of ebb and flow, birth and death. She supports us and nurtures us in everything we do…a perfect demonstration of a mother’s Unconditional Love for her children. And she is willing to share her secrets and her mysteries with her children.

To receive her wisdom, all we need to do is be still, observe and listen.

Regarding the previous question of leadership: in creating The New Word Paradigm, women will lead the way for establishing this new paradigm, but only after we recognize that true feminine empowerment resides inside ourselves, not outside of ourselves. Divine Feminine power has always resided in the womb, but we have been regarding our femininity through the confused lens of Patriarchy, so we couldn’t recognize it or honor it. We need a new lens!

The task at hand is to relax and re-associate ourselves with the power of Divine Feminine energy, the power of Unconditional Love. Calm the mind, open the heart. It’s like coming home. When the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are balanced, each fortifies, honors and empowers the other. As we remember the true power of Divine Feminine, we will reconnect with our own authentic masculine/feminine energies and balance them within ourselves (as the natural thing to do). We can then balance and harmonize with our intimate partner, then balance and harmonize with our friends and relatives. This balance will joyfully spread out into the world, quite naturally. Unconditional Love will spread and become contagious!. Unconditional Love will flourish…and Its power will become unstoppable.

Unconditional Love is the ground for The New World Paradigm.

In the midst of upheaval and uncertainty, may we embrace change, messiness and paradox, allowing all of our problems to melt in the brilliant rays of our limitless hearts. May we find the courage to become our truest selves…healing our wounds, embracing our truth, and dislodging from our dark and murky past.


Voice of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine:


She says, "See me, know me, honor me. You have forgotten my power, my majesty, but now you must remember me fully. You must find me all around you so I can remember you inside of me as well, calling you back to your true power.


Find me in your heart as your consort, Queen of Space. Let me fill you with the fierce and unapologetic love I have for you, and let me rock your heart awake with my wild, wide mystery. Remember me, know me, honor me once again. I am your forgotten Beloved, calling you home to yourself.”

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