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Anne Kerry Ford

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Why am I a  “Voice of Divine Feminine?”
(Good question!)

I have no letters after my name, no books published, no fancy degrees (although I do have a BFA from Julliard’s Drama department, but that’s another story). I have no ambition to market myself as an expert on anything.

In January 2019, after a life-time of spiritual study and practice, I was “kidnapped” into an unplanned spiritual retreat that lasted the entire year and continues as I write this. I began to experience a dive deep inward. (Ready or not!) It was time for my entire belief system (everything I thought to be true) to be investigated, scrutinized, questioned, chopped up and served back up to me with a smackdown to my Ego. My life changed completely and radically.

Spiritual initiations (especially the unplanned variety) can be messy and often excruciating. This period began as great confusion and chaos as my old paradigms (beliefs and habitual patterns) were brought to light, questioned and dissolved. There were tears, lots of shadow work, endless questions (that led to more questions), middle-of-the-night wake-up calls that led to meditation and downloads (which is information existing “in the Quantum Field” which becomes conscious when the vibration of the person and the vibration of the information are a match). I kept odd hours, backed out of working, canceled my social life, and committed to this process as my primary focus.

Turns out, the less I knew and the more I surrendered to the unknown, the freer, more unattached, more joyous I became. I began to experience a state of Bliss. My connection in 5D with my Twin Flame was the catalyst for my willingness to embrace this beautiful journey into unknown territory, as well as the impetus to stay the course and be patient and persistent. I forged through the fear, surrendered, trusted, let go and received.

Usually around 3:30 AM I am woken up, sometimes to meditate, sometimes with the insistence to “Get up! Get a pen! Write this down!”… so I do. Sometimes I receive essays or poetry, sometimes flashes of insight in the form of riddles or enigmas, and sometimes I receive experiences or visions. In reviewing, contemplating, transcribing and editing the messages that I receive, I learn a new way of perceiving (so-called) reality. The information in the downloads is new to me, and leads me to conduct research on the topics I receive.

I read and study everything I can about Divine Feminine, Tantra, Hieros Gamos, Twin Flames, Quantum Physics, and the importance and methodologies of balancing masculine and feminine energies. I began to put the puzzle pieces together to form a holistic picture of humanity’s old paradigm, “Confused Masculine”, (which is dissolving), and the new paradigm, “Divine Feminine” (which is being brought in). I call the current transition between the paradigms “The Shift”. Sometimes the puzzle pieces re-arrange themselves and fit together in a different and unexpected way. (This is not a linear process!) I am being given information and simultaneously being educated as to how this information is relevant and significant to humanity as we navigate this shift.

I understand (in no uncertain terms) that now I must make these insights and ideas accessible to others. I am offering this website as a place to share these downloads, as well as other resources and modalities that I have either discovered in my research or that have been valuable to me on my spiritual path.

I hope this site can be a resource for those who recognize that huge changes are taking place for Mother Earth and Mankind, her children. If we embrace the chaos of change as a precious opportunity to “think different”, we can co-create a completely New World Order. In our search for meaning, in our search for new ways of thinking and being, we must bravely question the status quo and engage openly and transparently with each other.


Who am I, Anne Kerry Ford?


I regard my life as an ongoing work of art that I am constantly refining. I love beauty; aesthetics are important to me. I love beautiful clothes and wear lots of color and scarves. My house is filled with with flowers. I love to laugh, be silly, have fun and play. I think dogs are wonderful. I love being in Nature, particularly forests. I have fairies as friends. (Actually, I have a lot of friends in high places...)

I dance constantly; it’s my favorite thing to do. Actually, the music dances me…it shapes my body in space. I have no idea what I look like when I dance. Dancing this way, the energy produced is beautiful light that heals. I think dancing is fundamental for a life well-lived.

I love poetry because it is the language of the heart, capable of expressing the inexpressible. Sometimes poetry urgently spills out of me. I don’t worry if it’s any good or not.

I used to be afraid of going crazy, but now I think I’d rather be crazy than go along with the masses. My crazy is sanity compared to the “m.o. of the status quo”, which is truly crazy.

I am grateful that as a professional actor, I learned acting techniques that are invaluable skills in their application in life. These skills include compassion for yourself (in the “role” you are “playing”), being fluid in your identity (shape-shifting), mirror-matching the energy of “other” in the “scene” (after all, a play is “play”), being present, relaxed and listening in the moment, honoring and focusing on your intention (your “objective”), speaking clearly, knowing how to work with your own energy and other’s energy, and much more.


I am a Twin Flame, and have experienced the profundity of Unconditional Love and Bliss through our relationship in 5D. This has been the biggest gift and blessing of my life, as well as the biggest challenge. ALL gifts come with a challenge of equal proportion. And you have to earn the gift to earn the enjoyment of it. Likewise, every challenge comes with a just have to look for it.


I love. I feel love. I’m made of love. I sing love. I speak love. Yet, if I seem harsh at times, it’s because I demand authenticity and bite the head off of fake-ness. (It’s a reflex... I can’t help it.) I also have a strong aversion to Muzak.


If I’m quiet and alone, it’s because I value going inward. (It’s kind of like treasure-hunting.) Being quiet and alone is very valuable to me. The more I meditate, the less I know for certain (which is freeing), and the more I am in awe, wonder, gratitude. My inward journey dissolves my conceptual mind. I am humbled by this.


My mission in this beautiful world is to help to bring people back to the loving Mother (the Earth), so we may sing and dance in joy and unity again. The means to this is to bring Divine Feminine (in her full, authentic power) back to collective consciousness, so she may unite with Divine Masculine to create a New World Order of Unconditional Love.


Gratitude to my Beautiful Teachers

I have been a practitioner of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism since age 17. My primary teachers have been Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and  his regent, Ösel Tendzin, as well as Kalu, Rinpoche and His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. 

In my Kundalini rising process (around 2007), I was assisted by Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati. also known as Swamiji.

I consider shaman Taita Juanito Chindoy to be my teacher and guide in my shadow-work with plant medicine(s).

I have also learned how to communicate with Nature from shaman Don Alverto Taxo from Ecuador and shaman Malidoma Patrice Somé from Africa.

Currently I study Quantum Physics (and practice subsequent meditations “in the field”) with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dedication of Merit

“May all Beings experience their true nature of freedom, be free from suffering, and enjoy profound, brilliant glory”.

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