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“Driven by Love”

This strange and beautiful video disrupts timelines and perhaps open up a different way of thinking.

The miraculous improbability of you, a human being, here now, reading this, is beyond imagination. The conception of you (life itself) is a miracle that was destined to be. All events and experiences are Love enabling itself to know itself in all of us and everything.

During a plant medicine journey, I had an extremely powerful and visceral vision in which I experienced being a sperm in the fallopian tube, swimming toward the egg.

In this vision, as I swam, I had single-pointed determination to reach the egg. I swam with an intensity, urgency and power beyond anything I had ever experienced. I was screaming (actually, I was the scream), ”GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!” as I plummeted through the blackness down the fallopian tube. I was powered by focused intent, propelled by a fierce, electric longing to unite with the Feminine, being pulled forward by her magnetic charge. It was a powerful, almost painful longing that pulled me toward her and propelled me so urgently to unite with her. I was being pulled by (what felt like) overwhelming, single-pointed desire. It was unconditional love. To reach the egg was all there was. It was everything. I was going to get there. I had to get there. There was no choice.  

In other words…YOU were going to be conceived…the miracle of you had to happen… you were destined to happen, against all odds.

Consider the meaning of this vision in the context of the union of masculine/feminine energies being the starting place to heal humanity’s problems. Divine Masculine energy combines with Divine Feminine energy (its opposite) to form union and create new life, and (if my vision was correct) is motivated to do so by profound love. Love is the first cause (the sperm is released), love is the method for union, (love empowers the sperm to unite with the egg), and love is the result (new life).

Union of masculine/feminine energy (the creation of new life) will be the catalyst for healing the problems facing Earth and humanity in the same way. Since love is the force that propels the sperm to rocket through the fallopian tube to meet his opposite, and since in the union of opposites, love forms new life, the union of masculine/feminine is the energy of androgyny (wholeness) that will seed wholeness and unity in the New World Order.

I shared my vision for the first time with a friend a few weeks ago. My friend proposed  that masculine energy (the sperm) is, at its essence, competitive. It is competing with thousands of other sperm to get to the egg before the others. She expressed that she saw this “competition” as a playing-out of masculine energy. During this conversation, I didn’t agree with her (intuitively), but I didn’t know why I didn’t agree with her.

After the conversation, I thought again about my experience in the vision. What was interesting to me was that (as the sperm) I had no awareness of the other sperm swimming toward the egg. I was so intent on my mission that I wasn’t even aware of other sperm “competing with me” to get to the egg “before me”. So I wasn’t competing with anything, therefore I wasn’t in a race. I was propelled only by my sheer will to accomplish my non-negotiable mission. I was flying through the darkness with one-pointed focus, screaming while I swam. I was propelled only by the velocity of my monumental determination to be with her. I had to reach her, unite with her. This miraculous mission was powered by Unconditional Love.

You (reading this) are the result of that miraculous mission. You are the result of complete union, therefore, you are the seed of Unconditional Love that will bring forth the miraculous New World Order.

According to Quantum Physics, all events of past, present, and future exist simultaneously in the “now”.  In this regard, the “winner” of the “sperm race” had already won, or you could say, “was destined to win”. That new life, that being, that conception had already taken place in the future, which is also now. Love generated the power for that sperm to get to its destination. This is the conception process that created each of us as the improbable miracles that we are.

We are destined for creating a new life on Earth, collectively, in exactly the same way… through the sheer power of Unconditional Love.


“Covid-19: Change as Opportunity”

We are experiencing a global “Intermission” between the old and the new ways of being (paradigms). During this intermission, we can go on an “Inner-mission”. We can go inward and reflect on how we will Enter-our-Mission. We can envision reuniting and harmonizing with Nature, and with each other, and with ourselves. We can envision how to heal the havoc we’ve been wreaking.

We may think it’s very inconvenient that this virus is keeping us from our schedules, our work, our obligations, from living our normal, routine lives. Many are hoping we can get back to “business as usual” and pick up where we left off, once the virus is no longer a threat. But what if our "normal routine life” isn’t what we return to? What if we will be returning to a radically different world than the one we left? What if the systems that we had in place in the previous paradigm (and had relied on dearly) were so unsustainable that they dissolved while we were gone?

How well were those systems serving us anyway?


If we return to our “usual” lives and find that all of our (dysfunctional and damaged) systems are no longer in place, what will we do? If we try to pick up the pieces of our old life, what if they don’t fit back together? Will we try to replicate our old life, or will we envision and create something entirely new, something much better... from the ground up.? And what would we create?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Buckminster Fuller

This is our intermission from our “same-old same-old” to make the shift into something potentially more sustainable and more beautiful. This may seem like a radical view, but I can’t see it any other way. I am excited about the prospect of a creating a New World Paradigm altogether.

We don’t need to fear change; we can embrace this shift as an opportunity to change everything for the better, for everyone, everywhere.

In every challenge, there’s a gift of equal proportion. Sometimes you just have to look for it.

P.S. Love always prevails… Always, in all ways.



"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"

Most of the time, we tend to think our answers are “out there” and we might pray to a “higher power” for help or guidance. It seems to me that we are pleading for help instead of asking a question when we do this.

Actually, the answers are “in here” not “out there”. Most of the time we aren’t formulating the question specifically enough. And most of the time we don’t know how to listen to the answer with our heart. Or we might not understand the answer at the time we receive it, so we might move on and not stay with it long enough to understand it, thus disregarding the answer. We have to bring the answer to our conscious awareness by steeping it in our heart.

This is the way I see the process of “Ask, and ye shall receive”:

First, we have to ask the right question, which must be a REAL question, not a plea to “please help me feel better and get out of my pain.” That is a plea, not a question. The more specific and personal a question, the more specific and personal the answer will be. The quality of the answer is actually embedded in the quality of the question.

After asking a specific question, we then we do our part and listen with our heart to what we receive. It may not be clear at first, that’s ok, but opening up, listening and receiving is the first step. Then by contemplating the answer, by letting it steep in your heart, it will make sense. And that process has great potential to be transformative to the one who asks.

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“Experience is Malleable”

Your thoughts interpret your experience as “good, bad, happy, sad”…or whatever. A thought can make anything out of anything, using that thought as “evidence” to support a certain belief.

If one looks at the influence that thoughts have, one can see how we create our world, we create our “reality” by thinking this or that about our experience, moment by moment. If we recognize how we basically “make the experience up” according to how we think about that experience, we can simply choose a different thought…one that supports love or joy instead of fear or doubt, for example. If you choose to disregard all interpretation, you can choose to disregard all thoughts (not buy into any of them), and just be with the naked moment…a moment with no interpretation whatsoever.

To practice this type of meta-awareness (being aware of your thoughts) takes willingness and practice. That is the purpose of practicing awareness meditation, such as the samatha-vipassana mediation that the Buddha practiced.

I was instructed by a very wise friend: “Whatever you think is true, is true. Whatever you think is not true, is not true.” In other words, it is what you think it is. Your experience of life is subjective.

For example, if I have the awareness to notice my thought when I am having a judgmental thought, “She so stupid, she doesn’t know how to drive!”,  and if I can notice that thought without believing it’s the only interpretation of that experience, I can change it in that moment to anything, such as “She is an enlightened Goddess”…or to no thought whatsoever…she could be that, or a million other things, or nothing at all.

I’ve been noticing how my mind “looks for evidence” (even in the smallest, most incidental experience) to support its habitual interpretation of that experience, based on the belief in it’s own identity… who it is being at the moment.

It occurred to me that the “first cause” of any thought was my state…who I was “being” in that moment. So if I wanted a grateful experience, free from habitual mind, I could look out of the eyes of a grateful being by choosing to assume a grateful state as my state of being, Then all thoughts I had would be either supporting or testing that belief; I would just need to be aware of them. Likewise, if I wanted an enlightened (awake) experience, free from habitual mind, I could look out of the eyes of an enlightened being by choosing to assume an awake state as my state of being, Then all thoughts I had would likewise be supporting or testing that belief, I would just need to be aware of them. When you are aware of the thoughts, they become the teacher as well as the path.

Noticing the thoughts as the being I choose to be, I can either change the thoughts or let them go completely.

This would work with any state you choose. But if you don’t choose a state, you will default to a habitual state that is reactive to your circumstances. A negative thought such as judgement or fear might come in (by default) to keep you “safe”, as your subconscious mind perceives “sameness” as safety. The subconscious mind usually defaults to “protective mode” when it is allowed to choose your state for you. Lacking awareness of this is almost like letting a totally drunk person chauffeur you around.

You can choose your state of being. Developing awareness of your thoughts, you can work with your thoughts to create an experience that aligns with your chosen state of being.

From that state, you can shape your experience of your life, thought by thought, moment by moment.


heart sky-28.jpg

“Heal the World”

Balance of Masculine and Feminine energies is key to true transformation. The war of these energies is at the root of all problems we face globally. How can we create a loving planet if we are at war within ourselves? If we can’t relax within ourselves, if there is no peace and balance within, there will be no chance of peace and balance externally.

Everything in our current society promotes struggle between masculine and feminine energies. Notice this in the media, (notice it everywhere!) and don’t buy into this, as it promotes the fear of being who we truly are. It’s a “dumbing and numbing story” that has been told for a long time, and we have bought the story. This story perpetuates struggle; it’s the “divide and conquer” lie that holds us back from true unconditional love.

How can we break through this conditioning? It’s an inside job. We must become truly intimate with ourselves, balancing, accepting, and loving ourselves unconditionally. We must dare to live in true transparency and authenticity, not holding anything back or filtering anything at all. No need to change, just look inside, relax, let go. This intimate relationship with our whole self is a relaxation with who we truly are, Then we can step out into intimacy with another person, a partner.

So simple! The answer to every challenge, the answer to world peace is hiding in plain sight!

If we can learn to love every bit of ourselves authentically, this willingness to balance our masculine/feminine energies within ourselves will produce true self-acceptance.

This begins the revelation (and revolution) of love.
If you want to create a more loving world, be love.
If you want a world of harmony and balance, be harmony and balance.
If you want a plentiful and generous world, be plentiful and generous.
If you want a harmonious world, be in true harmony within yourself, ALL of yourself, all of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine self.
Can you look in the mirror and say, “I love you…I love you unconditionally.”?

Then can you love another person with a truly open heart? Just start with one. If you can truly love a partner unconditionally (no expectations, no deals, no caveats, no filters, no rules), if you can dare to see and be seen, love and be loved, you find yourself loving all.

The start of human evolution IS the revolution of Unconditional Love and it starts inside.

That’s the practice.


milky way-32.jpg


Understanding matrix aspects much clearer now. Multiple dimensions, multiple time-lines co-exist in the NOW, depending on the current CHOICE of experience, which is nonetheless influenced by these timelines and multiple dimensions (realities). All potentiality exists in the Quantum Field, and these potentials are called forth into NOW with a clear intention and an elevated emotion. This is how realties shift “very quickly”, although time is an illusion, Because the future influences the past as well as the past influences the future, so to speak, all realities and potentials exist NOW. The matrix is perfect at all times NOW.

To change your reality, change your awareness, and be aware of what you are aware of. We do this personally and it affects the collective because we are interconnected in the unified field.


“All of Humanity as Me”

When I woke up this morning, as I lay in bed, I thought," What if all humanity on Earth is a perfect demographic of who I really am, internally, as a person?"

In the metaphor of ALL people on Earth representing ALL aspects of "me" (or potential aspects of "me"), a large percentage of myself would be wreaking havoc as I run an unconscious program of selfish behavior, warring with "myself", harming "myself", living my life in a sleep-walking behavior, living life as a struggle.

A smaller proportion of "myself" in this metaphor would be partially present, half-awake, well intentioned but still half-asleep, a worker-bee with only small spurts of actual joy or freedom.


A smaller proportion of "myself" would be ambitious, actively pursuing a career to rise above the masses in lifestyle. A still smaller demographic would be an artist or creative person producing heart-felt expressions. A still smaller part of "myself" in this metaphor would be a shaman connected to indigenous wisdom and aligned with Nature. A different smaller portion of "myself" would be a brilliant scientist or a great writer or a wonderful innovator, an original thinker who makes valuable contributions (also to "myself", since the metaphor is that I am all of humanity).
A tiny portion of myself would be a serial killer.

Another tiny portion of myself would be an enlightened master, a mystic or a sage who lives with profound enlightened awareness at all times and serves humanity with every thought and action.

As I thought about this "all humanity as myself" metaphor, I wondered if the ratio was accurate. If it was, then a huge proportion of myself is wandering around suffering and harming myself constantly, causing problems with my destructive and selfish activity and wrongful thinking. But also in the demographic, if a teeny tiny ratio of enlightened people (Gandhi, Jesus, Milarepa type people) was also there in "me", I could choose that aspect of myself at any time. The rarest person, either the serial killer or the sage, was among the possibilities that was in "me" as "all of humanity".

I again wondered if I had gotten the ratio accurately. What if enlightened people were actually a bigger ratio? And just because I couldn't see evidence of it, I thought otherwise?

In any case, I lay there thinking that this was an interesting exercise and an interesting way to look at things, and humbling too. ❤️



"The Dream”

OK, I had the weirdest, most crazy dream last night and it went something like this.There was some kind of weird hypnotizing of everyone, sort of like in a bad cheap movie from the 60’s, like a bad zombie kind of movie, only this was modern-day, and the scary part was that things seemed kind of normal and kind of not-normal at the same time, but they definitely were not normal, but no one really could tell what normal was. Like kids could go to school but they couldn’t play with each other or hug each other because no one could breathe fresh air or touch each other and this was kind-of the new normal because if they didn’t have their mouths covered they could kill someone else and not even know it, but the lack of oxygen made it hard to think clearly at all and clearly no one was thinking clearly because, as I said, things looked kind-of normal but they weren’t. Like no one had any money (well, not “no-one”)… but lots of people didn’t have any money, but no one really talked about it because it was important to put up an appearance of being “just fine” so that the person who wasn’t just fine wasn’t ostracized as someone who was a failure or someone who didn’t have a clue what to do next or someone who didn’t have a job or knew how to save for a rainy day or have a back-up plan for rainy days, but the weird thing was that this was lots of people, like lots and lots of people, like almost everyone was in the same boat so to speak, at least in the U.S...all in the same boat, and you could see it in people’s eyes, if you were looking for it, that is …and you could tell that people were worried but it was hard to talk about because you had to stay six feet apart so you didn’t touch each other so no one was ever hugging because you could kill someone if you did, so no one was touching anyone and some people hadn’t been hugged for a really long time so that added to the stress of having no job and no money, but people didn’t talk much about it, as there were so many new rules to keep up with and every day was a pretty exciting news day with all kinds of new twists and turns, so everyone was feeling a little on edge, like they were going a little bonkers but they couldn’t put their finger on it and everyone just wanted this nasty covid thing to stop killing everyone, thank God no one they knew had died from it. Wait a second, wasn’t this killing everyone? Lots of people were dying, right? Yes, more and more people were dying everyday… pretty sure that’s what they said, so we need to stay safe and stay away from each other and save lives so we can go back to normal again and get our jobs back and go to concerts and football games and that will be something to look forward to after this horrible pandemic that has killed everyone I know personally has been…wait a minute, how does it figure that I don’t know anyone personally that has died? Well, there was an actor I heard of who died of “covid-related” so I guess he counts as someone I knew. Anyway we have to be sure the virus doesn’t keep wiping out humanity as that could really spoil our plans of getting back to normal and the virus is the enemy and I’m afraid of getting it and giving it to anyone, as so many people have died, even though I don’t know any of them personally, and I’m pretty sure that viruses are evil particles that stick on stuff so we have to wash our hands all the time but I really don’t know what a virus is but I’m sure it’s evil and we have to kill it before it kills us. Anyway, back to the weird dream that just seemed to go on and on. There were countless episodes that just got weirder and weirder. I almost knew that the dream was a dream, but anyway here’s another weird part. Everyone had different teams but no one knew which team anyone else was on and they didn’t talk about it in case the person they were talking to wasn’t on their same team, so they didn’t really talk about anything except to say “thank you” to the check-out lady at the grocery store. Oh yeah, groceries had gotten really expensive, but it was weird, no one talked about it much as there was no time to think clearly about anything and if you talked about stuff you could expose yourself as someone who didn’t have any frigging idea about what the heck to do and that could expose you as a vulnerable person who didn’t have answers and was feeling isolated and terrified. 

So then what happened next in the dream? 

I started to feel immense love for everyone, as things were so crazy but people were still so sweet and beautiful so I felt this immense love come pouring out of my heart for everyone. 

And then I woke up.



"Feel It”

The real resources are in your own heart, the navigation point for crisis. 


Money is an illusion. There is no confirmation coming from outside of you. Tell yourself the truth about what you really know for sure. Wake up now; this is the great awakening. When things seem hopeless, still your mind and open your heart and tell yourself the truth in whatever way you know to do so. 


“How does the dream reveal itself to be a dream?” …when things don’t make sense and constructs dissolve. Look at this without pinning your fear on some hope of salvation from any source of wisdom outside of yourself. 


What is “zero point” neutrality? That place of now , the only certainty that ever was. 


Comforting illusions fade, evaporating like the mirages they have always been. Mind reaches for comfort and meaning and answers. The struggle is fruitless, however. The only resource is Love, the only Truth. The only constant is Awareness, the still-point that notices the dream as it morphs and changes. 


Whatever seems to happen beckons you to wake up. This is the great awakening. The tremendous stress is the only way we can wake up. Find the truth in your own heart, it is much more powerful than anything else you can imagine. Wake up, wake up, wake up. There is a great awakening now. 


We have clung to our ideas of happiness and shunned the pain long enough, holding our hearts shut like tiny golf balls inside our chests. But now, what is happening? We are waking up to the pain that was always there. We believed we were separate from each other so we were separate from ourselves, the whole that we are. 


So we searched and searched for who we already are, accepting this and rejecting that, ignoring our connection, our unity. Now the great awakening comes  and as the blinders come off, we can split our hearts wide open. 


Pain and joy can merge in the awakening of our awareness, the remembrance of who we really are. Pain and pleasure…the birth and death of every moment. What is coming must go, what rises must fall. Whatever is constructed must fall apart. Conditional love is found and lost, and found and lost again, over and over. 


Whatever moves is not real, whatever doesn’t move is real. 


Merge with the other that is you. Love the beautiful ugliness that propels the darkness forward and go straight into it. Let it overtake you without struggle. This is true freedom, the merging of our own ignorance with the light of awareness that springs from the middle of our heart of Unconditional Love to wake us up. Otherwise, we’d be asleep forever, dreaming we are separate. 


Stop protecting your heart. Let it split open, and shed the tears of everyone, everywhere. There is no other way to reveal the truth. Feel it. 


What happens to one, happens to all. This is…this must be… the dawn of true compassion. There is no “other” without an “I”. So who is there to blame? Heartbreak is the true awakener. Feel it, know it, see it in the mirror of everyone’s eyes. This is the great awakening. 


It is said, “When one wakes up, everyone wakes up.” Don’t hold back; this is what you came here for.



"No Man is an Island”

Things are actually as bad as they seem. 

This is our wake-up call. All things are interconnected in this web of Life.

"No man is an island,

Entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less.

As well as if a promontory were.

As well as if a manor of thy friend's

Or of thine own were:

Any man's death diminishes me,

Because I am involved in mankind,

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; 

It tolls for thee". 

-John Donne.

Things are as bad as they seem right now, but it isn't the virus that is wiping out humanity, It is our blindness to our inter-connection with each other, with Nature (and with our own nature) that is threatening humanity right now. Fear in man's heart keeps him isolated and sequestered. Failing to see the beauty within him and all around him, and forgetting the powerful and sovereign being (that he is) has suppressed his confidence and his courage.

Lack of love and tolerance is what is killing humanity, and the virus is the wake-up call to that truth, as the darkness wakes up the light. Without darkness, there is no light. The darkness wakes up the light.

If we had a book of written stories, one for each isolated and sequestered person in the world, this book would be miles wide. Imagine what we would read in these billions of stories. It would break our hearts wide open with compassion and love for each other. Imagine what we would read there. We would be sobbing over these billions of stories, and in that instant the darkness and fear would be overtaken with the light of compassion and love.

We are all connected in this web of life. What happens to one, happens to us all.

"No man is an island…"


IMG_0014 2.jpeg

Remember, this is a dream.


Are you awake in the dream? How aware are you in the dream?

Every flicker of your mind determines your fate and the fate of the collective. This is both challenging and empowering at the same time.  You control the outcome of the dream, thought by thought, emotion by emotion. As you think and feel, you create. Are you aware and awake to this power you have, this sovereign power that you are?

As you open your heart, so does the collective. As you calm your mind, so does the collective. As you see the authentic beauty in all of life, as you are grateful, as you are connected to this beauty of all of life, so goes the collective. 


You are the Miracle you have been looking for. How awake are you to this? The answer to all problems is not outside of you, so stop waiting for solutions to arrive. The answer to the world’s problems are in your own heart, right here, right now.


This cannot be understood with conceptual mind. It is a leap of faith into the unknown realm of infinite possibilities. You hold the fate of the world in your own heart by how you think, how you act, and how you feel right now. Your belief (in this moment) creates universes of heaven or hell: there is no future except the belief you are choosing to inhabit right here, right now. 


Are you awake to your own power? Wake up now.


Don’t buy the “fear story”, it only creates more fear. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. When you wake up, the whole world wakes up.


We are at a pivot point. As you choose what to focus on, you choose how the story goes, so to speak. Choose carefully, as this is your own dream you are living. Are you aware of where you are placing your awareness? What are you focusing on? Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Dreams don’t make sense; that’s how you  know you are dreaming. Notice this. Yet you can wake up in the dream and be lucid. That’s when you have the power to decide what happens next, when you wake up in the dream.


Just wonder for a second if this could be true. This is the dream you are dreaming now. You have the power to determine the outcome. If this is true, dream that you wake up now. Awake in the dream, be aware of what you are aware of, (awake in the dream), as that is what you are choosing to experience. 


Your heart is your teacher and your guide, right now. Still your mind and open your heart right now, completely sovereign in the now. 

There is no “reality” except for your own awake choice of what you create with your own thought and your own feeling right now. 

Coming from the center of your own being (your own heart) you “take your power back”, so to speak. There is no experience outside of the choice you are making now. What will it be? What do you choose to be aware of? Liberation from fear is one choice away, right now. And so it is.


Written in the middle of the night by Love itself, the Love that dreams itself as the Love You Are now. A coyote cuts through the dark night with its cry of joy and freedom, sealing this confirmation. Moments later, there is a chorus of coyotes... proclaiming joy.


"Birth and Death”

In the birth canal the baby is passing through complete darkness, experiencing a death (of sorts) as it leaves the comfort of its’ mother’s womb and passes into the bright, harsh light of the so-called “material world” of the senses. The transition of birth is quite radical, as is the transition of death when the “material world of the senses” completely folds and dissolves as consciousness leaves the so-called physical body behind. 

Consider this: according to Quantum physics, in every moment, our awareness focuses on a “wave" and it becomes a “particle”, which is experienced as our “reality”, over and over, countless times, and we go through a similar process of birth and death on a much more subtle level. In every moment, wave is the potential and particle is the choice of where we place our awareness.  We recreate our familiar “reality” over and over unconsciously. If we don’t realize the complete process of birth and death taking place (over and over) consistently, there are very few changes in our experience. We may not realize that we have the potential to create something radically different with every “rebirth” of where we choose to place our awareness NOW. We could choose to arrive in a “new now” with an awareness that is awake, fresh, unknown, unattached…one that doesn’t identify with familiar reference points. This is “crazy wisdom”. What if one became meta-aware of the constant death and rebirth of the new choice of awareness in each moment? NOW Is always a fresh possibility and holds unlimited potential (wave) and experience (particle) is the choice of awareness. 

If we are aware of this process, how willing are we to take responsibility to be the master of our own ship, the captain of our own soul? We completely create our own experience in every fresh NOW, whether we are creating consciously or unconsciously. Each moment, the cave you fear to enter (death, release into the unknown) holds the treasure that you seek (freedom, joy, awe, connection).  

Love knows itself over and over with the rise of each NOW as ephemeral and shape-shifting awareness, no matter if the quality of that experience is suffering or bliss. In the rise of each fresh NOW, every choice of where we place our awareness is what we call “our life”. 

For me personally, this perspective lends itself to watch carefully where I place my awareness, and has been a call to still my mind and open my heart as a continual practice.


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